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Waitavu Estate

Waitavu Estate is a 322 acre private holding at Pacific Harbour, on the south coast of Viti Levu between Suva and Nadi.

By scale alone it’s a rare offering, especially in such a highly coveted tourism destination. Pacific Harbour is known as the adventure capital of Fiji, and there are multiple luxury resorts nearby offering experiences in surfing, fishing, shark diving, zip lining, an endless array of activities and entertainment and even an air strip, which can be utlised by anyone travelling to Waitavu Estate, which is just a 30 minute hop from Nadi.

All of which provides the best of both worlds for Waitavu Estate – full access to all that Fiji has to offer when you want it, and total privacy when you don’t.

Waitavu Estate’s home is wonderful, a little shoeless society. Designed in 2003 by its owners in partnership with leading architect Peter Rankin after a seven year search for the perfect site. It consists of five simple but elegant bures, which all connect to serve as one exceptional residence while still allowing separation and privacy when required.

A further five excellent home sites have been identified across the estate, meaning there is scope to add more residences to create what could become one of the most enticing private compounds in the South Pacific.

And rewarding one as well. The property has its own thriving nursery, which supports local families, while work has begun on a sustainable sago palm plantation. And its 2.4 kilometres of pristine riverfront could support marine conservation.

A very beautiful place in a very beautiful place.