24 Feb 2022 | 4 mins

Ferrari Finally Joins Luxury SUV Segment With Plug-In Hybrid V8 And 4WD

Ferrari Finally Joins Luxury SUV Segment With Plug-In Hybrid V8 And 4WD

For the longest time, Ferrari said it would not do an SUV. Zing! 180-degree about-face. Market conditions demanded it so enter Maranello’s first ever SUV, the Purosangue (meaning ‘thoroughbred’ in Italian). Come to think of it, this five-door was inevitable. High performance SUVs are the flavor of the decade, after all. Maserati did the Levante, Lamborghini launched the Urus, Bentley introduced the Bentayga and Aston Martin debuted its DBX, with all models quickly accounting for around half of all cars sold by each carmaker respectively. Ferrari cannot ignore these statistics.

Spy shots of the Purosangue have been circulating on social media for several months now, but what you see here is an artist’s impression—based on Ferrari’s current design direction and spy images—of what the final production model will look like when production begins later on this year, barring any superconductor or other supply delays of course. Expect deliveries to start in early 2023.

According to our rendering, Ferrari’s all-new Purosangue will utilize design traits from current Ferrari models and not obscure styling tangents as suggested in some publications. Our sources say the SUV will take design cues from the SF90 Stradale at the front and rear ends while the side profile will benefit from styling nuances from the Roma. And if you check out the leaked images that have started to flood car sites over the past few days, you’ll see that our rendering is pretty close to what appears to be the finished product.

Speaking of SUVs, the brand’s marketing team actually describe the Purosangue as a “Ferrari Utility Vehicle” (an FUV!) and not an SUV. This makes sense given the car’s suspected low-slung proportions and low ride height. While this car’s very existence is polarizing for many Ferrari fans, we’re hoping the sexy proportions seen here in this rendering make it onto the finished product.

From what we can gather, the Purosangue will have a long nose, four doors plus a tailgate, and a sloping roofline reminiscent of the GTC4Lusso Shooting Brake. Across the back end we expect the car to feature a full-width light bar connecting twin sets of brake lights.

Inside, we predict the cabin will boast wall-to-wall soft leather, brushed metal and carbon-fiber accents while a new version of Ferrari’s infotainment system is expected to be fitted.

Ferrari has launched three hybrid models so far including the recently revealed 296 GTB, so we expect the SUV to employ a turbocharged V8 gasoline engine, most probably bolted to an electric motor in a plug-in hybrid configuration for greater efficiency and cleaner emissions. But when you look at Maranello’s extensive parts bin, they could also very easily drop an 800-hp V12 hybrid powertrain under the hood with a V6 hybrid slotting in at the entry-level end. The Purosangue is also strongly rumored to incorporate Ferrari’s unique four-wheel drive system fitted to the FF and GTC4 models. Stay tuned for more updates.